Have you ever thought about taking French classes ?

Looking for a different method and a friendly environment ?


Provence Immersion is a rich, unique and unforgettable experience !



We develop tailor-made courses and programmes constantly adapted to your rhythm, your level, your needs and your personal and / or professional situation. We have thought about different formulas. With our advice, you can choose the one that suits you best : in immersion with or without cultural activities* and / or  via Skype.

Our immersion programmes are designed for one or more week(s) depending on the objective to be achieved. Similarly, there is nothing preventing you from choosing different programmes from one week to the next if you decide to stay longer.

If you are in the area, you might as well go for a one-time course or more regular courses. In this case, we will define together the number of hours needed and the rhythm to get to achieve your goal.

Communicating in the language of a country is a way of opening up to others, strengthening professional links, giving yourself the opportunity to travel differently and especially to experience unique moments.



“The more you enjoy learning a language, the faster and more efficiently you learn it !



Professionalism and cheerful atmosphere guaranteed !



* Do not hesitate to consult the Activities page for more information.