Private courses via Skype


The flexibility…


You want to learn or improve your French.

You need to work on specific goals (prepare a presentation, a speech, a meeting…).

You already speak French and would like to maintain your level by practicing the language.

You want to prepare a stay or an expatriation in France.


Whatever your reasons and goals, courses via Skype can be a great help in your learning. Distance learning is flexible in time and space which is a great advantage.


We offer to combine this flexibility with the high quality of our teaching.The teachers working via skype are the same as the ones teaching in immersion in France. Therefore, the quality of the courses will be perfectly equal.


We have been teaching French to foreigners of all nationalities and cultures for more than 15 years. The French language is complex and can be scary at first, which is why our goal is also to demythify the language in order to make it accessible to all of you. During our teaching years, we have developed techniques and strategies adapted to each level (from the complete beginner to the more advanced level) and to each profile.



The courses


Like all our courses and programmes, courses via Skype are tailor-made. It means that we adapt our teaching to your rhythm, your level, your needs and your specificities of learning.

We offer a free trial lesson that will help you determine if distance learning suits you. At the end of this, if you are satisfied, we will take into account your active knowledge and will determine together real objectives in order to elaborate your course (a number of hours and a schedule according to your imperatives).

Each session lasts 45 minutes. After the lesson, you will receive a report containing the main points we worked on.

At the end of your “Skype courses”, we will send you a certificate and an educational report which will conclude your courses.




Session’s price :

45 euros*/ 45 minutes


«Skype courses» :

« Le 5 sessions » = 225 euros* (to be done in the month following registration)

« Le 10 sessions » = 430 euros* (to be done within 2 months following registration)

« Le 15 sessions » = 630 euros* (to be done within 2 months following registration)

« Le 20 sessions » = 830 euros* (to be done within 3 months following registration)


NB : For more efficiency, we recommend not to wait too long between 2 lessons. In the same way, it is better not to schedule 2 sessions on the same day. Indeed Skype lessons require a lot of concentration and beyond 45 minutes, the attention is not the same and you would loose in efficiency.



*All the taxes are included in our prices