Private and group courses


Let’s enjoy a course in the Provençal warmth and relaxed atmosphere…



You live or are staying temporarily in the area and wish to learn or improve your French for personal and / or professional reasons.


You are a group of friends or a foreign family and you want to have a first approach of the language.


You are on vacation in Provence and would like to learn the basics of French and some useful expressions to enjoy all aspects of your trip.



A few sentences in French can open many doors and charm the locals. Indeed they will then be very keen on sharing with you unique experiences. It would be a shame to miss out !

Whatever your nationality, it is possible to speak, understand and interact in French with a minimum of notions and non-verbal communication. This will allow you to exchange and therefore give you the opportunity to discover French culture or to even more immerse yourself into it.


About us

We have been teaching French to foreigners of all nationalities and cultures for more than 15 years. The French language is complex and can be scary at first, which is why our goal is also to demythify the language in order to make it accessible to all of you. During our teaching years, we have developed techniques and strategies adapted to each level (from the complete beginner to the more advanced level) and to each profile.


The courses

On your own or in a group, all our courses are tailor-made. It means that we adapt our teaching to your rhythm, your level, your needs and your specificities of learning.

We will take stock on your active knowledge and will determine together real objectives in order to elaborate a course (a number of hours and a schedule according to your imperatives).

Each session lasts 45 minutes. After the lesson, you will receive a report containing the main points we worked on.

At the end of your “Courses”, we will send you a certificate and an educational report which will conclude your courses.


You can also start learning before participating in our courses and programmes. We offer Skype lessons and we will be happy to make a first contact online. This can allow you to “test the water” before considering your stay in France.




Session’s prices* :

In group : 57 euros / 45 minutes

In private : 62 euros / 45 minutes

Contact us for potential travelling expenses

“Courses” :

                                        In group :                             In private :

« Le 5 sessions »          285 euros*                             310 euros*

« Le 10 sessions »        542 euros*                            589 euros*

« Le 15 sessions »        798 euros*                            708 euros*

« Le 20 sessions »        1 055 euros*                         1 147 euros*


*All the taxes  are included in our prices.