The “Langue & Culture”



Live a total French experience in Provence…



You want to learn, improve or perfect your French and take full advantage of the wide variety of richness in Provence and you are not a complete beginner* ?

You will be seduced by this total immersion in language and culture. Taking part in excursions, visits or even tastings allows you to comprehend French in a different way while discovering a heritage, a region and a culture. Indeed, varying the exchanges and putting the language into practice in a more fun context promotes learning and develops comfort and confidence. That’s why in this programme we have selected activities that perfectly complement our courses.


You enjoy linguistic tourism ?

The “Langue & Culture” is for you as well ! A trip is more than a visit, it is also about sharing cultures made accessible by oral communication.


Whether your goal is professional or personal, with the “Langue & Culture » you will have five half days completely devoted to intensive French courses and four half day in activities.


*For complete beginners we have a specific programme (cf The “Débutant Complet).



About us


We have been teaching French to foreigners of all nationalities and cultures for more than 15 years. The French language is complex and can be scary at first, which is why our goal is also to demythify the language in order to make it accessible to all of you. During our teaching years, we have developed techniques and strategies adapted to each level and profile.



The programme


Like all programmes we offer, the “Langue & Culture” is tailor-made … It means that we will adapt our teaching to your rhythm, your needs and your specificities of learning. Whether you choose a private or group programme in the morning, each formula has its advantages. If you are on your own, you will work more specifically on your personal needs. If you are in a group, you will benefit from exchanges with other participants.

We form the groups according to the level of each participant (cf Method).

This programme lasts one or more weeks according to the objective to be reached, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm, for the four afternoons. These times are indicative and may vary depending on the activities.

N.B. Friday pm will always be « free».

During the week, every day, whether on your own or in a group ;

–          You will study grammar (sentence structures, conjugations, articulators, pronouns …),

–          You will develop your vocabulary and learn to use expressions of professional and / or everyday life,

–           You will improve your pronunciation which will allow you to better understand and communicate in French,

–          You will make yours some strategies to develop your oral understanding

–          You will interact during practical situations and exchanges with locals during excursions, tastings or visits.

–          You will discover other aspects of French language and culture.


These skills will be worked on during different sessions throughout the day and more specifically according to your needs. To do so, we use a wide variety of media and materials (videos about news, film clips, newspaper articles, written exercises, role plays … and more generally, our environment).

An experienced teacher will also be at your side during lunches and breaks to accompany you and help you communicate, all in French of course ! Little reminder, immersion is one of the keys to success. It’s also an opportunity to exchange and share good times.

At the end of your stay, we will give you a certificate which will conclude your training. You will also receive an educational report by email.


Optional :

–         The Friday lunch with a teacher as it is not included in this programme (Subject to prior reservation of meals and our availability). The 4 other lunches prior to activities are included in this programme.


You can also start learning before participating in our programmes. We offer Skype lessons and we will be happy to make a first contact online. This can allow you to “test the water” and relax before considering total immersion.


« Encounter with a culture implies the curiosity about the language »



The “Langue & Culture”


20  intensive courses sessions + 12 hours of activities + 6h30 hours of accompanied informal time (at lunches and breaks) = more than 33 hours in immersion

Price in group = 3 258 euros *

Price in private = 3 518 euros *


Price for the Friday lunch with a teacher = 52 euros*


Reminder : diners are never included in our programmes.

*All the taxes are included in our prices.