The “Débutant Complet”


You are a complete beginner and you do not know whether to start, how to do and in what way ?

Don’t worry, it’s normal !


For you to know


It takes a lot of courage and humor to embark on an adventure of complete discovery of a language so, well done if you have already taken the first step and made this decision !

To start with, whatever your nationality, just know that it is possible to speak, understand and interact in French with a minimum of words and non verbal communication. Do not set yourself too high goals, you will not be bilingual in a week 😉

Learning a language is a process that can take time but one thing is certain; the more you enjoy, the faster you will get there ! Communicate, share, it’s only positive !

The purpose of this intensive in immersion week is to allow you to acquire solid foundations, gain confidence and give you the opportunity and the desire to go further in the adventure of communicate in French. Whether your goal is to be able to communicate in situations of social life or to participate in more specific events at work, we offer you a specially developed programme to start studying and practising the language with confidence.



About us


We have been teaching French to foreigners of all nationalities and cultures for more than 15 years. The French language is complex and can be scary at first, which is why our goal is also to demythify the language in order to make it accessible to everyone. During our teaching years, we have developed techniques and strategies adapted to each level and profile. We know that a specific programme is necessary for people who have no concept of language. Today the beginner programme (“Débutant Complet”) is one of our specialties.



The programme


Like all programmes we offer, the “Débutant Complet” is tailor-made … It means that we will adapt our teaching to your rhythm, your needs and your specificities of learning. Whether you choose a private or group programme in the morning, each formula has its advantages. If you are on your own, you will work more specifically on your personal needs. If you are in a group, you will benefit from exchanges with other participants.

Our beginner programme lasts one week, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to

During the week, every day, whether on your own or in a group ;

–          You will study the basics of grammar (structure of the sentence, conjugation …),

–           You will develop your vocabulary,

–           You will built up your own strategies to understand and communicate in French,

–          You will learn to interact during practical situations.


An experienced teacher will also be at your side during lunches and breaks to accompany you and help you communicate with simple structures and some tips. It’s also an opportunity to exchange and share good times.

The “Débutant Complet” is a one-week programme only. At the end of it, you will be able to integrate another of our programmes.

At the end of your stay, we will give you a certificate which will conclude your training. You will also receive an educational report by email.


You can also start learning before participating in our programmes. We offer Skype lessons and we will be happy to make a first contact online. This can allow you to “test the water” and relax before considering total immersion.



The “Débutant Complet”


30 intensive course sessions of 45mn + 10h of accompanied informal time = 32h30 immersion


Price in group = 2 820 euros*

Price in private = 3 040 euros*


Reminder : diners are never included in our programmes.

*All the taxes are included in our prices.