Provence Immersion has developed tailor-made programmes adapted to everyone, including complete beginners. Our method remains the same for all of our courses.


An assessment of knowledge *


Your experience with Provence Immersion always starts with an evaluation of your passive and active knowledge.


What does it mean ?

The active knowledge is the one that you are able to spontaneously activate orally. The passive knowledge is the one that you know, that you recognize by reading and / or listening but that you do not use spontaneously when you speak.


How does it work ?

The passive knowledge assessment goes by a multiple-choices questionnaire that each participant completes prior to arrival.

The active knowledge is assessed during a discussion between the participant and a teacher of Provence Immersion before the start of classes.

These assessments allow us to define the level of the participant and to take it into account for group formation. (If the participant chooses to be in a group but there is no one else of his level, he will stay on his own).


* For complete beginners, this step may be optional.



An update on you and your goals for a tailor-made programme


When you arrive, we take stock on the assessment of your knowledge, your needs and we determine together the objectives of your tailor-made programme. Indeed, our courses will be developed based on these elements and your profile.


 An oral communication approach *

 A modern language is a language that is practiced and lived.


We rely on the learner’s oral communication skills to introduce new necessary tools for the use of the language (grammatical structures, vocabulary, expressions, pronunciation, etc …).

Indeed, the interaction and the cultural exchanges favour the acquisition of new structures and allow a better mastery of the language. In the same way, our resources and educational tools allow the learner to appropriate new knowledge.

We create scenarios according to the reality of the learner and his professional and / or socio-cultural needs while taking into account his level and his objectives.

The interaction therefore allows a fun, fast and effective learning.


* For complete beginners, we adapt our approach with different techniques that we have specifically developed.



A focus on pronunciation


A good pronunciation is essential to make yourself understood, understand and avoid any misunderstanding. It is therefore a key element of our method.

By working the rhythm, the intonation and the sounds we develop the oral comprehension. Indeed, you will more easily understand what you are able to pronounce.


Systematisation & appropriation


In order to systematise and finally appropriate the new knowledge, we have to go through repetition. For this, we use different types of exercises and techniques both in the oral and the written form. Immersion is also a valuable help to systematisation as it allows you to immediately practice what you have learned during informal times.


A follow-up and personalised support


We follow your progress and advise you throughout your programme, during lessons of course but also during breaks and lunches or even activities. This allows us to constantly adapt our teaching to your needs and your level in real time for a ever more effective learning.

(We can also follow you before and / or after one or more week(s) in immersion through our Skype lessons).


End of course report


At the end of your course / programme, we will together take stock of your progress, the evolution of your needs and will give you an educational report.

We give you advice to continue your learning and maintain your achievements over time.