Immersion with us


What is it ?


To be immerse in the language is to evolve in a French and French speaking environment all throughout one or more days over one or more week(s). Whether at breakfast, at break, at lunch or in activity you will always be accompanied and encouraged to speak French. This  enables  a faster, fun and effective language assimilation.

Being daily confronted with a different language and culture is a positive and necessary destabilisation to better apprehend and open up yourself to new knowledge. That’s why we only communicate in French. The stimulation and the constant practice allow a more natural way to acquire new structures, to develop vocabulary and expressions and help to get a better oral comprehension.


In the same way, immersion in a benevolent framework makes possible to gain in ease, in confidence and we attach a great importance to it.

Our personal and professional experiences confirmed that immersion is undoubtedly an asset for learning a language.

We will not lie to you, immersion learning is not a long calm river, it is rather the roller coaster ! it goes through misunderstandings and some downs, but especially through many laughs, beautiful encounters and of course great progress. To take it with humor is the key to success!


Let’s succeed together !