Ils parlent de nous…


Sophie, France / Octobre 2020 / Cours privé de français en présentiel

Très bonne formation ! Grâce à la méthode de la formatrice et au format des cours (4h/semaine) la progression a été très rapide.

Les objectifs que je m’étais fixés et pour lesquels nous avions échangé pour définir la durée de la formation sont atteints.

Il est probable que je fasse de nouveau appel à Provence Immersion pour parfaire mon anglais. Le passage de Bright en fin de formation est un plus pour valider un niveau d’anglais.

Je félicite l’équipe pour le professionnalisme et l’implication tout au long des échanges.


Ty, État-Unis / Janvier 2020 / Programme d’une semaine en immersion en français – Cours privés via Skype

I have participated in both the immersion program with Marjorie as well as individual lessons (via Skype) with Marjorie and Provence Immersion.  I started my French language training with absolutely no knowledge or understanding of French.  Therefore, I was a complete beginner.  After working with Marjorie during both my immersion program and the individual lessons, I have now achieved level “B1” status in French, which is sufficient to actually apply for French citizenship! 

 I credit Marjorie with her teaching style, her patience, her use of humor, her deep understanding of the French language, and her teaching skill with my advancement.  I would highly recommend her and Provence Immersion to anyone interested in learning French in an enjoyable, logical, and lasting way.


An understanding and outstanding professor

 I’m most impressed by Marjorie’s ability and willingness to adapt her teaching method to match my learning style.  I’m an engineer by training, so I have a very “logical” brain.  Thus, I knew understanding rules and structure of the French language would be best for me to learn and apply what I had learned.  Marjorie accommodated me in a major way.  We certainly did a lot of speaking, but she always explained the “why” regarding the construction of a phrase and the “how” regarding changing the phrase to match a circumstance (past, future, singular, plural, etc.).  This was fantastic for me.

 Marjorie also views language learning as a partnership with the student.  In her view, both she and the student share the goal of the student learning the language.  Therefore, she is an effective mix of both firm and fun.  She certainly has a great sense of humor, which makes the lessons enjoyable.  However, she also pushes you to go a bit beyond your current abilities.  Therefore, she guides you, in an enjoyable way, to achieve new levels of learning. 

 She’s also accustomed to teaching beginners, so she has an understanding of the challenges those learning French for the first time face.  Consequently, she has tools and suggestions to help you overcome these challenges.  I was extremely impressed by her ability in this regard.

 Finally, I find Marjorie to be very diligent and dedicated in her work.  Her lessons were sharp, focused, and logical.  The same was true with her follow-up information and her responses to my questions. 


Immersion – Jump in to sink or swim? You will certainly find yourself swimming!

 As mentioned above, I had no prior understanding of French when I began a week-long immersion program.  The program is quite intense, honestly, because there is no English spoken upon the start of the session – a unique aspect of the program.  This is true from breakfast in the morning, to social breaks during the day, to dinner in the evening, to social events at night.  At the end of the day that Monday and Tuesday, I was mentally exhausted.  However, by Wednesday, a strange event occurred: I began to understand Marjorie and the others!  I understood their questions, commands, and lessons in French!  This only improved as the week progressed.  In addition, by week’s-end I could have basic conversations in French!  I was amazed. I “immersed” myself, and by the end of the week, I was “swimming”.  It’s an intense, but very effective, program.

 Language, however, is not the only lesson taught during the program.  You also learn about French culture in a directly applicable way.  In fact, learning culture is a crucial aspect of learning a new language.  This is another unique aspect of the immersion program. 


Individual lessons via Skype – tailored to your needs

 After the immersion session, I decided to continue my training with Marjorie via individual sessions via Skype.  As stated above, Marjorie tailored her lessons to my learning style, and my level of French increased exponentially under her teaching.  If, for example, I needed to review a subject, she was always willing.  Simultaneously, she would encourage advancement as well.  She was always also incredibly professional and punctual.  Moreover, because of my work schedule (unexpected travel and meetings), she was also quite flexible. 


Again, I would highly recommend Marjorie and Provence Immersion to anyone seeking to learn French.  I, personally, plan to continue my lessons. 


Nils, Suède / Novembre 2019 / Programme d’une semaine en immersion en français

« Je viens de passer une excellente semaine à Caumont-sur-Durance avec des études intensives en français de Provence Immersion. Je suis resté au Posterlon, un chambre d’hôte dans le vieux village. Le bâtiment était ancien mais confortable, ma chambre était grande et propre et les repas étaient simples mais excellents. Les propriétaires Emma et Valentin sont des hôtes super sympas. Le programme de français a été animé par Marjorie et Valentine de manière très professionnelle et comprenait des cours et des conversations pendant la journée et des activités culturelles en soirée, tout en français. Le cours a été adapté à mes besoins, très utile et pédagogique. Si vous souhaitez suivre un cours intensif en français, je peux vraiment vous recommander Provence Immersion. »


Marilia, Brésil / Juin 2019 / Programme de 3 semaines en immersion en français – Cours privés via Skype

« I wanted to study aromatherapy and handcrafted cosmetics in France, but I needed to learn French first !

The 3 week program I did togheter with Valentine and Marjorie from Provence Immersion was excellent, pleasent and effective at the same time. Since the beginning of our course I was being prepared for all the goals I had during my time in France, specific vocabulary for the courses, how to interact and how to present my work.

I had very basic notions of the language and after three weeks of intensive courses I was able to participate in all the 3 courses I wanted and as well being able to interact with teachers, colleagues and mainly to get to know the country, its people and culture.

I spent 2 months studying in France and it was an unforgettable life experience, and I’m sure that the excellent French course I did was crucial for everything to work so well !

Could not recommend more !!!

Merci et j’espère être de retour très bientôt ! »


Mauritz, Suisse / Mars 2019 / Cours privés via Skype

« Cet année, je décide de faire les lessons de français pour mon travaille et mon plaisir. Je trouve Provence Immersion sur l’internet et je choisi pour le commencement Skype parce qu’il est pratique. Je commence du zero et très vite je parle un peu. Bientôt je veux venir pour l’immersion à côté du Avignon. Merci à mes professeurs, elles sont extra ! »


Bob, Espagne / Mai 2018

« A few years ago I had the opportunity of attending an immersion course in French Language, and Marjorie was one of the teachers responsible of my training.

Having such a positive experience in my mind, it is difficult to summarize in few words what those days in France meant to me: but she found the tools to make my learning efficient and at the same time extremely nice. Her professionalism and attitude transformed some days of tough work in days of fun, combining a serious program with a lot of exciting and funny activities, creating an environment of good work, good atmosphere and good joy.

It was an unforgettable experience, both for my French and for my life. I definitely recommend it! ».