Most common questions…


I don’t speak at all or very little French, may I come for an « in immersion programme » ?    Yes.

If you do not speak French at all, you are considered as a « complete beginner » in the langage. We have a programme specially designed for you (cf. Le Débutant Complet »). If you have only basic knowledge, you can join any other « in immersion programme ». All our courses are tailor-made and we form the groups according to the level of each participant. You can also chose a private programme.


May I come to learn French with my family ?    Yes.

You can absolutely follow a course or a programme with your family. Feel free to contact us to organise it together.


How many people are there per group in the morning ?

You will be a maximum of 4 participants of a same level per groupe. Our method is based on oral communication. With this small number, we can guarantee an optimal speaking time to everyone.


We are two, can we be in the same group ?  Yes.

If the two of you have the same level, you will be in the same group. If not but you still would like to be in the same group, you will have to ask for a specific private programme.


Are the teachers French ?   Yes.

We are both French with more than fifteen years of experience in teaching French to foreign adults.


I would like to be accompanied by a teacher at lunch(es), is it necessary to reserve in advance ?    Yes.

The accompaniement of a teacher at lunches is always included in our programmes (weither it is optionnal or included in the programme).

For optionnal lunche(s), it is necessary to reserve at registration.


I have a special diet, may I have adapted meals ?     Yes.

You will have to inform us at registration.


How are Skype courses working ?

We offer a free trial lesson to help you determine if distance learning would suit you. If so, it will then give us the opportunity to assess your level and eventually to determine with you real objectives, a number of lessons and a schedule.


May I come for a private lesson on-site even if i did not reserve ?    No.

It is better to contact us before coming. Indeed, we offer different courses and programmes in immersion so we can not guarantee availibilty at the last minute.


Who organise the activities ?

We take care of the organisation and transport  for the activities planned in your programme.


What kind of activities do you offer ?

We offer various activities like tastings (wine, cheese, regional specialities…), excursions (vineyards, truffle patch…), privatised cultural visits (villages, museums, monuments…) or some workshops (cooking lessons, wine tasting techniques, …). We organise these according to the season, the climate, the availability and the number of people.


Do I need a car during the training ?

Our courses location are out villages and generaly not served by public transport. We therefore recommend you to organise your travels. You can either come by car or rent one at your arrival. This will also allow you to take full advantages of the area and to go dinner in the numerous restaurants of the surroundings if you want to.


Can I park my car safely ?    Yes.

Our courses location all have a private space with a closed parking.


Can I sleep at the place I take my courses ?

All our courses location offer accomodations. We can help you to communicate with them if necessary. Feel free to contact us for more information.


How should I pay and what are the paiement conditions ?

All our courses and programmes are to be paid at registration. We do not book any unpaid course. The payment has to be in euros, net of exchange fees and by bank transfer.



Feel free to contact us if you have any other question or request, we will be happy to answer you !