Coronavirus Containment


Here we are almost all at home, alone or with children, with a husband or wife, animals, TV, radio, coffee and fortunately the internet ðŸ˜‰


After the bad news, let’s try to get some positive.

The break is necessary so let’s get organised !


Just like you, we’re at home but work at Provence Immersion doesn’t stop !


Willing to take advantage of this time to continue training ?

Enjoying languages but never have time to get in ?

Afraid to get bored ?

Our language courses (French and English)


Bringing up to standard French courses

are still AVAILABLE via Skype.


45 minutes a day, just for you, once or more times a week.


We have a warm thought for all those who are forced to work to ensure food, health and safety and thus make this difficult time lighter and acceptable. Thank you !!

Take care of yourself.


#stayhome     #restecheztoi



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