The training rights in France



Professional training


A major tool available to all workers in France, regardless of your status and nationalities  : employees, self-employed, business owners or job seekers.


It allows you to train throughout your professional career, to :

  • Acquire, update or develop your skills and knowledge
  • Increase your level of qualification
  • Make your knowledge and skills acquired during your professional life recognise
  • Adapt to changing positions
  • Access to employment
  • Maintain employment or promote professional development
  • Change your job or retrain



You want to follow a training course ?


Mobilise your “Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF)” !

The “Compte Personnel de formation (CPF)” allows any workers (employees, self-employed, business leaders or job seekers), regardless of their status and nationalities, from their entry into the labor market to their retirement, to acquire training rights that can be mobilised throughout their professional life. The ambition of CPF is thus to contribute, to maintaining employability and securing the professional career.

In order to follow a training with your CPF budget, the course chosen must be certifying and eligible for CPF.


How does it work ?

  1. Download the MonCompteFormation application on your phone or connect to
  2. Identify yourself with your social security number to find out how much you have to train yourself
  3. Access a catalog to find the training that best suits your needs, online or near you
  4. Register for a training session and pay directly from the budget available on your CPF from MonCompteFormation.


How is my account credited ?

Your account is automatically credited with 500 euros per year (within the limit of 5,000 euros), as long as you work at least part-time.

For unqualified employees, without any diploma, 800 euros are credited each year to the account (within the limit of 8,000 euros).

You don’t have enough money in your CPF to finance the training of your choice ? There are solutions ! You can ask your employer, your region, Agefiph (if you are recognised as a disabled worker), for additional funding by requesting help from  or choose to pay the remainder directly by credit card.



For the civil servants or consular agents, the CPF works differently. Visit the following sites :




You are an employer.

You want to make training a real lever of investment for the future of your structure ?

Your objective is to enhance and optimise international exchanges and cultural diversity within your teams. This is one of the major challenges of your 


Consult the guide of the Ministry of Labor :

development strategy. You want thus to improve the language skills of your employees. Indeed, allowing them to better communicate  with their French or foreign colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers is essential to the success of your project.

Contact your OPCO (Competence Operator) to help you in setting up your company’s skills development plan.




Our certifications

Provence Immersion is an approved training organisation registered under the number 93840408484 with the Prefect of the PACA region.



All our training are certifying, eligible for CPF and available at :



  • Bright Test  for Professional & Social French, Professional & Social English and the other languages.
  • Certification Le Robert for Up to Standard in French.





We do our best to make our training courses accessible to people with disabilities.

In order to establish the adapted procedures needed, please contact us before any registration.