Professional & Social English



Are you stuck when it comes to speak English ?

Are you frustrated with not understanding enough ?

Do you need English to grow professionally ?

Do you want to be able to interact in English in different social and / or professional situations ?


Manager, in charge of training

You want to develop the English skills of your team.



Provence Immersion has tailor-made solutions !



We have the know-how and a team of professionals who will do his best to allow you to reach your goals. Whatever your level or the branch you work in, our experienced teachers will be able to perfectly meet your needs.



Provence Immersion offers different programmes :


In company individual or group courses
 In intensive seminars of 2, 3 or 5 days in private or group courses
Face-to-face private & group courses
Individual courses via Skype



The method


  • Tailor-made courses with professional and experienced teachers
  • A personalised assessment and diagnostic for a learning based on the participant’s needs, profile, level and objectives, at the pace of his progress
  • A teaching based on interaction : communicative and participative approach
  • Fast and durable results
  • Trainings integrating intercultural exchanges
  • An educational report at the end of the training with advice to continue the learning.



The content


  • An oral and/or written expression with the introduction and the systematisation of grammatical strutures and various communication ressources.
  • A vocabulary adapted to the needs.
  • A phonetic correction (rhythm, intonation and sounds), essential element to understand and be understood.
  • An oral and/or written comprehension with different communication medias (articles, videos, audio messages, …).
  • Oral practical situations created according to the participant’s reality, needs and objectives.
  • Bright Test (if training via CPF ).



The objective


  • Developing grammatical and communication skills of English and / or reinforcing the knowledge.
  • Improving oral communication and / or written expression.
  • Acquiring and expanding the vocabulary of daily and / or professional life.
  • Being more independent, gaining confidence and expressing yourself more easily.
  • Discussing effectively with its interlocutors.
  • Implementing listening strategies in order to be able to better understand a message.
  • Preparing the Bright Test (if training via CPF).



The expected results


  • Be more independent,  better communicate  in English and thus better understand your professional and personal environment.
  • Express yourself with more ease and gain in self-confidence.
  • To be able to put in place listening strategies in order to better understand a message.
  • Have acquired new grammatical and communication skills.
  • Obtain a better score on the Bright test (if training via CPF)..



The admission terms & prerequisites


No prerequisites needed to take these courses and programmes. Motivation above all !



The training locations


Our courses and programmes can be led in company, at one of our partner’s place or via Skype.



« Learning effectively with pleasure in a cheerful atmosphere ! »


All our trainings are certifying, eligibles for CPF and available at :




We do our best to make our training courses accessible to people with disabilities.

In order to establish the adapted procedures needed, please contact us before any registration.